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Start off your day with a cup of BBCoffee at BLCafe

Introducing New Guinea Specialty products

We intdoduce and promote New Guinea specialty products such as Red Pandanus (Marita) Oil, New Guinea string bag (bilum) and New guinea tea (dlibongga), that don’t belong to other islands in the world.

Try new flavors first

You come to the point, make things.

We invite individuals and families to visit our cafe

FAMILY friendly cafe in town

Fully Owned by Local Walak and Lani Tribes of West Papua, Our cafe business is a family-based business, where both parents and children are present, both to server and to be served.
We supply directly from Wamena Town, Papua Province

Choose your freshly roasted coffee right here on the spot

We will roast your coffee upon order. Please specify roasting profile as well as whether you like Grade A, B, or C, as the cheapest one is Grade C or 3 Coffee. Order or come and drink at our classic cafe here.
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